We are a young couple of designers who love to both bake and eat cookies.
Since we got into these, we just can't stop creating and experimenting with new designs and flavours.
We hope you'll love and enjoy them too. 
Design is on our DNA so all our cookies and cutters are created by us and they gain life in our 3D printer.

Delicious butter shortbread that melts in your mouth with crunchy soft lemon icing.

We value the integrity and quality of our ingredients. With that in mind, we only use bio and locally sourced eggs, as well as other well-sourced products.
Some of our ingredients are Sugar, flour, butter, eggs, flavoring, leavening and food colors, so our products may
contain lactose, eggs, gluten, soy, nuts and sesame seeds.

They are handmade, so some colours and design variations may happen, but we think this is what makes them unique.

How long do they last?

All of our biscuits will have at least 1-month shelf life from the moment they leave our kitchen for delivery.

We bake your cookies as close to the delivery date as possible, to make sure they taste like freshly baked.

Please keep them inside of the compostable plastic bag until you're ready to eat them. Don't store them in the fridge. Keep them in a dry and fresh place.